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Is it true that to be a school leader and get on the leadership track, you will have to do a lot of saikang like projects and whatnot, which takes up a lot of time.

But as a HOD, 8-9k is a given, and when factoring in the bonuses, a 20mnth annual package is possible - 150k and above a year?

My question as a budding teacher (I am a MOE local teaching scholar) is - if I am financially motivated - does it make more sense to give tuition outside or strive to be a HOD.

I understand that to be a HOD, one will most probably be too busy to give tuition outside.
Lastly, do honour grades matter in terms of prospect?
1. True. Publicity. Publication. Competition. Enrichment programme. Committee work. Simi sai also do - for my colleague who is an SH geo4...

2. HOD pay idk. Sorry.

3. Financially motivated should give tuition especially if you're teaching subjects in high demand. Alternatively, aim to rise fast then quit. You will then be known as Ex-MOE HOD/SH - command more $$$. But may not go according to plan cuz teaching scholarship is not like v rare sorry.

4. Honour grades affect promotion (grade) and pay especially during the first few years. After that maybe not so much. I know someone who didn't have honours and was promoted slower than her peers at first. After 7-8 years, her capability and passion helped her to rise to a HOD.
(So she's like 29-30 when she became HOD).. I'm still an ordinary teacher but I'm okay hahaha.
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