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Is it true that an officer has to attain consistent B grade in the initial few years to be given a higher CEP and be considered for leadership roles?

Not sure how this works, especially when it is the norm to be given a default C grade (or C+) in the year of promotion (GEO 2 to GEO 3), which could be the 1st or 2nd year in service.
Can't say for sure because it is extremely common to get a C grade in the first year of getting a new promotion, but for the CEP to go up, confirm must get B grade before.

Just now someone mention about honours or no, for me at least I got promoted up faster to GEO 3 although my batchmate got a better performance grade than me in the first year, so I guess with honours does help in the initial first promotion. After that it should be based on performance, because my colleague got onto leadership track earlier eventually. Of course another thing to note will be availability of post to get promoted to, if positions all filled up no choice need to wait longer (if staying in the same sch). Currently, because a lot of sch merging, even if sch got position also might be filled up by an external kp from a merging sch...not easy lor...

HOD also got different kind one, some very good at delegating work, got more time than their reportees haha giving tuition also must see what type of kp there are in your sch, some hush hush still ok, but I heard got ppl kenna warn by SL, saying the 6 hr tuition cannot be from tuition agency or tuition center, only can be friends or relatives kind
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