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Can probably ignore the annual quantum info - I find it irrelevant as the only thing that actually affects us is the actual schedule of payment. Believe the supposedly accumulated amounts are forfeited if you leave service, so don't know what the purpose of showing the info is (maybe if it's pro-rated if you take NPL?).

When you look in HR Online on the intranet (as someone else suggested previously) you should be able to find another table with the years and quantums of payout. If you go to [email protected] you should also be able to find info on the coming CONNECT payout.

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Receiving my first connect plan payout this year. Been looking for more information in the internet but most of it is just a table with the amount, with quantum payout and quantum retention ( what are these??)

I would like to check how much of the first payout will be given out and how much is retained. Anyone with any information?
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