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1. Please do not be misguided by such reports.

2. I do not know why there is so much focus on lawyers. Investment bankers get paid 12 to 2 months bonuses in a good year and 2007 (most part of it) was a good year.

3. The article gets up to 9 months bonus. It is unclear how many indivs are beneficiaries of this max. limit. It is usually the very junior ones whose base is less and therefore cheaper to give more months.

4. For the senior ones, the average falls and also in order to be the top performer, one has to sell one's life and soul (plus all waking hours and sleeping ones too) to the firm. This is not sustainable and most corporate lawyers and trial lawyers burn out within 3-5 years, which explains there a great shortage of lawyers in spoe in those years.

It is not a glamerous life.

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