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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi I was choosing between medicine and law few year back and chose the former.
After reading this thread, I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I see so many of my lawyer friends being humiliated at work yet they could only share that with close friends. Also, they earn like 3k-4k per month without firms paying for their bar course.

What actually happened to the legal industry? Sounds from bad to worse.

Iím a practising Locum Doctor in Singapore. I bring in a monthly salary averaging about 11-12000 SGD per month. That is considering that I only have a basic MBBS degree and no p
ostgraduate degree. Work life balance is great as I work only 8-5, and no other responsibilities other than seeing patients allocated to me. For me itís a perfect job. Itís true that money is not everything but everything needs money, but when your monthly needs are met, the excess money is what you can save or spend. Itís good if you have a lot to spend !
Locum has no bonus, no cpf.
So your equivalent moh pay is just $7k per mth. Nothing to be proud of.
Plus at the rate of 100 per hr, for eight hour a day for five days per week, you shld be bringing in 20k, not 11-12k. So either there is a lack of work or the pay isn't 100per hr. Also there is liability and Please rmb to refer corneal ulcer to Ed.
And a lot of times you actually have to work on ph, and after hours.

The tuition fees for MBBS is also higher than law tuition by a large margin. At least 3x more in Singapore context. Plus associated bond is expensive to break.

Top lawyers always earn more than top doctors. (Top 20%)
Average lawyer is same as average doctor. (Mid 50%)
Bottom 30% doctors slightly better than bottom lawyer as doctor have a better baseline in this climate.
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