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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I read about SMU and SUSS JD Program today on ST.

I am keen to apply.

But anyone knows much about these programs?

When should I be getting my ROI?

Do employers prefer older candidates in law?

Do these graduates JD face issue with getting a training contract and job?

Roi sucks really in this current climate.
JD is for people who are financially independent. And already successful in their original career but got bored of it and decided to fulfill their childhood dream.

I know of doctors who took smu JD. Below is an article abt an engineer who earned enuff and decided to go back to school for the fun of it.


But if u have an okie career earning ∼5k, and you need the money, it will be dumb for you to join jd unless the aim is to fulfill childhood ambition. If you currently earn 2-3k, can be worth it to take up jd. Will bring your earnings up by a bit.

Think of jd as an 70k academic holiday. As an intellectual investment but definitely Not as an financial investment. Whether the 70k is worth it depends on what you want out of it. Interest , chance to go back to school.
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