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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
is that so. i think its advertized that the median household income in singapore is a little more that 5k a month,
which makes it 60k per annum. are u sure 150k per annum shd classify as average ??

at least, its above average , infact it shd be reasonably good.
Haha... income disparity my friend. As you correctly pointed out, 5.3k is the median. The average should be higher.

My context is a graduate married couple in their early to mid 30s with decent progression, both should be at least in middle management or senior professional/executive. My gut feel is that these couples should comprise about 20% to 25% of the population.

At the typical lower end local companies: husband 5k wife 4k with AWS 13 * 9k => $117k.

At the typical higher end foreign MNCs/banks or local GLCs: husband 8k, wife 6k with AWS and 3 month bonus 16 * 14k => $224k.

Hee hee ... I'm starting to feel incredulous about these numbers I just worked out. But these are definitely possible given the salary levels I have been hearing about recently.

Now I know why housing prices are sky-rocketing.

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