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nice trolling, AGC is actually a fairly good place to walk. The combination of decent pay, good bonus, fairly good work-life balance, early trial experience, ability to do a wide variety of work due to the varied postings available, and decent prospects (within govt at least) is a rather good proposition as shown by the fact that they are very full and not really hiring.

at this stage, they are certainly harder to get in than big 4 (which takes 20-30 people per firm per year); the non-scholar intake of AGC/legal svc (outside jlc) has been <4 in recent years.
Different poster here. C'mon, AGC pays a measly 3.8k starting to girls (with second uppers), what kind of salary is that? Guys who served NS get ~4.6k (with second uppers) because they are considered to have worked for 2 years. And the increment is also much lower - approximately $450 per year. After 5 years, girls earn only 5.2k while private practitioners would be earning 9-10k.

You sure AGC is good?
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