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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am on 2:2
It is difficult (more difficult) to get 2:1 compared to UK grads. Unfortunately that is the way my school marks.
It is easy to complain about how difficult it is to get 2.1 (however true that may be - to be clear, I am not disputing the truthfulness of this statement). Nevertheless, you are in a uni that constantly and regularly hosts law firms/career fairs/networking opportunities for you. Even better if you're from a certain local uni where there's even an "internship portal" and reserved internship seats with a certain govt department. Whatever your grades may be, the local unis give you many opportunities to build the connections you need to prove your worth (outside of academics). It is really up to you to make use of these opportunities.

All these resources are not readily available to overseas grads and if even UK grads for lower ranked "low-quality" unis can get decent offers, than there is really a need to take a good hard look at your own application/experiences.

My suggestion would be to concentrate on how to improve your application as opposed to feeling bitter about the grading system. I have seen 2.2 local grads get pretty decent offers from pretty decent firms.
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