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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Salary post for those interested after qualification (compilation from prev threads)

CC: double-digits
Baker: 7.5k
WP: 6k
R&T: 5.8k
A&G: 5.6k
Drew: 5.6k
Rodyk: 5.5k
TSMP: 5k
L&L: 4.5k
RHT: 4.5k

Legal service (incld JLC): 4.8/4.4k (with NS, 1st/2.1); 4k/3.8k (wo NS, 1st/2.1) - seems low but this is payable from part b/RLT onwards and there is a further increment after 1 year or so
Sub $5k for NQ private practice is damn sad man. Unless you're leaving at 6pm on the dot everyday, which is highly unlikely. And omg what happened to TSMP and their top paying reputation??

From my understanding, legal service bonuses are higher than law firms so eventual take home compensation matches private sector anyways
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