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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Dear all,

Recently I was notifyied that I will be shortlisted for the position for non-trained teacher position. I have about 10 yr experience in IT/project management with a local 2nd lower class degree and last drawn about $6.7k. May I know what salary should I expect while I am in NIE and how fast will I be able to progress?

Btw my preferred role is to teach PE. Appreciate any PE teacher to share the workload and experience with me. Thank you all!
From what i understood when i attended the teaching information session, PE teachers are in demand. You got to pass the PE test first before interview. In the interview you got to convince the interviewers your passion. I also applied with working experience. If you are only a degree holder, your salary most probably will not exceed 4k. Your prior working experience doesn't benefit teaching PE. However, your pay rise after nie will be faster than a fresh grad.
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