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Oic. Thx a lot for the replies guys esp Joat. I have a also been doing a lot of researching and realise that IT is still gonna be in demand in the future. My current plan is to study computer science degree in NTU but i am still deciding whether to apply for masters after bachelors degree or to work for 1-2 years after bachelors degree before applying for an MBA in finance or business. Because i heard that companies would hire talented It professionals. So i am wondering whether is a bachelor's degree is enough or a masters is more required? Anyway after 2 years of working, my ultimate aim is to study a MBA in finance or business since I also have interest in the finance side. BTW my reason for taking a computer sci degree instead of business bachelors degree is my personal reasons of wanting some good technical knowledge before going into finance. Anyway anyone please offer me your guidance on my dilemma on deciding my educational qualifications. thx

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