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the wall street talk is just plain crap. u r living in sillypore i presume. in sillypore, everything just works according to our dear govtment's plan.

ask yourself: what do u want to do in future? studying CS, u can choose a career path as a researcher, a pHd and then lecturer, or a teaching assistant. in govt sector, CS pays pretty well for programmers because they employ singaporeans and not PR. Yes FT may be taking up most of our jobs, but in the IT field if you work hard enough, you can progress to nonprogrammer skillset. Y nonprogrammer? bcos FT mainly are programmers, but not good managers.

if finance is not really your cup of tea, try to forget about it. bcos IT in finance is a cost factor. my advise is to go for IT consultancy.... NCS, IBM are looking for these kind of graduates.

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