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Default eanyv ABBOTS

I think that is rather extreme and narrow minded. In finance there are many areas you can explore. Like insurance, corporate financing, consumer banking, investment and, so the areas are very broad. Yes, it is not necessay to go in finance without a finance degree but most of them are sales related jobs or jobs that are related to technology field (IT). Why limit your choice if you can do analysis, actuarial, accounts, compliance, investment, loans and

Forseer statement is very much like scripts from "Wall Street" that finance do not create anything. Which I think it is trying to refer to people that are greedy and leverage unscrupulous on others for their own financial benefits. Again in the area of finance it is very broad, do not stereotype.

I do not think it is right to villify finance industry as they still create value to the society. There is insurance to protect yourself and family, hedging to protect your business, stocks/commodities/reits/bonds to grow your wealth, loans to buy house/car, corporate finance to provide loan for company to expand and helping company to get listed to grow their business. Also, Jim Rogers is just one person and he views are always extreme for instance he said "India as we know it will not survive another 30 or 40 years". Which I believe most of the academics that have done research on India economy will totally disagree. One more contradiction is that he is still a Finance Investor, if Finance is so bad why is he still in this this line. Utter BS. Also, he just started an investment fund called "The Rogers Global Resources Equity Index", Which is still related to finance!

I hope that people do not post extreme personal view that hope to influence others to have the same thoughts. Instead, we should provide valuable insights and help them explore their interest.

To "ballacksanjay", the most important thing is to know what you really want in life. I agree with "Unregistered" post, it is preferably that you go into IT sales, presales or consulting as these position are usually held by locals and are quite well paid (it might be subjective though). To get into these role you might need to work a few years as a software engineer/ network engineer/Tester/Support/Implementor. Of course, some might also start as an associate consultant in Seimens, Accenture, IBM, e.t.c. It really depends on grades and uni.

I know that you are worried of having difficulties to find a job with a Computer Science degree but no worries, with local degree and good honours, I think you will have no problem landing a job in either Private or Public sector. Only you will understand yourself well enough to know whether you have strong interest and do well in the field of Computer Science.

Also you need to know why you want to go into finance. Money or interest or job security?

If Money
In general comparison, finance is better paid. Again, it depends on which area you choose.

Else If Interest
Do a Finance related Degree

Else if job security
Depends. nobody gurantee that. Some people prefer to be an Accountant. Some will graduate with any degree and go into public sector.

Hope my explainations help.

Good Luck in your self exploration.
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