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Don't waste your education in finance. Anybody can get into finance regardless of background, your education in Computer Science will be a technical degree which is of value regardless of whether you stay in the field or not. Almost any bank or large financial institutions recruit non-finance graduates for most of their positions.

Also, i expect the importance of finance in the world to shrink back to normal levels once the superbubble in US bursts. Remember, in finance you do not create anything, you merely leech of society. And ofcourse nobody is going to listen to a random forum poster, atleast take heed from Jim Rogers

"On November 4, 2010, at Oxford Universityís Balliol College, he urged students to scrap career plans for Wall Street or the City, Londonís financial district, and to study agriculture and mining instead. ďThe power is shifting again from the financial centers to the producers of real goods. The place to be is in commodities, raw materials, natural resources. Donít go to Harvard Business School. If you want to make fortunes and come back and donate large sums of money to Balliol youíre not going to do it if you get an MBA." Quoted from wikipedia
It's hard to say. Switzerland has been doing well for almost forever doing asset management.

Jim Rogers is a bit of an extremist if you go by the things he says. Moreover, he himself made a fortune in trading and investments. He just wants smart people to produce good commodities with high productivity so his investments in commodities will go up.
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