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Hi all, I would like to seek some advice here.

I've completed 2 years of teaching, but to be honest, I don't think I can stick to this career for long. Mainly because I don't feel comfortable dealing with some students' problems and their parents, ranging from theft to suicide to mental illness. Most of the time I feel like a social worker and/or a counsellor, rather than helping students to learn. Moreover, even though the age gap between my students and I isn't huge, I feel that there has been a generational shift - today's kids are more entitled, less patient, more distracted, and more bored easily. So I don't think I'm actually the right fit for this career.

I'm thinking of changing my career to something else. I know that there are many ex-teachers who left teaching not just for tuition, but jobs in both public and private sectors. I wonder if any of you can share your experiences about job-hunting and the transition? Thank you in advance!
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